Friday, August 13, 2010

Japanese Inspired Birthday Party

Anime and Manga, Sushi and Chopsticks...
my little girl just turned six!

I recently threw a Japanese Inspired Birthday Party for my 6 year old who loves everything Japanese.

She micromanaged the invite I designed. We made it to look like a Japanese anime comic book.
We made the hair color and style like hers, she wanted a tiny six in Japanese on the fan, so of course we made that happen too! We bought the photo of the little Japanese girl in her kimono from

Here are some of the details

We had a great time making the candy sushi the night before!

Sushi China and Chopsticks were a big hit with the girls. They loved trying to eat the candy sushi with the chopsticks, all of them asked for forks after a few minutes.

We also had veggie sticks and other treats in a sushi steamer.


Each girl made a fan and parasol.

Origami Cranes hung above the table!

The favors were a big hit. Take apart erasers and school supplies each box personalized with the guests' name makes every girl feel special!

Thanks for viewing this! We had a great time and we hope you had a fun time viewing the party!

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